Monday, October 25, 2010

What not to do on a Airplane

I know this does not have much to do with not being a tourist but this got on my nerves while i was traveling

1. While checking bags do not complain about the price/Weight restrictions it just makes every one around want to jump out of the Longest line in the world and just shiv you (prison style)

2.When seeing family members off do not crowd the entrance to the airport i know their are multiple ones but this is just annoying take 3 steps to the left and then say your good byes

3. While going through security lines do not sigh and complain about how long the line is and your going to miss your flight WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME LINE WE KNOW IT IS LONG.

4. While sill in said security line be PREPARED to take off shoes belt. etc etc do not wait for the last minute and try to disrobe at the speed of light it does not work that way.

Thats just a little part more to come later


I didn't inform you but my company recently send me work on a IT project in another state. While their i did not have the time to update my blog but after i get some sleep i will tell you about what i saw and the tourist i encountered.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lesson 6

Lesson 6
Now when it comes to Theme parks I break up the rides into two types. Water rides and non water rides.
Now the purpose of a water ride is to get you WET SO STOP BUYING PANCHOS WHEN RIDING THESE ITS STUPID AND A WASTE AND SCREAMS TOURIST. If you do happen to get wet For the love of god do not complain about it you made the choice to get on the water ride. If you didn't wanna get wet go ride the other multitude of rides in the park.Easy solutions for not getting wet on a water ride.........DO NOT RIDE IT

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lesson 5

Lesson 5

Listen people YOU ARE ON VACATION SO DON'T DRESS LIKE A VACATIONING STEREO TYPE. Please shot wearing khaki shorts with a button down shirt tucked in with a brown leather belt this just screams tourist. No one in any vacation area dresses like that it looks stupid. This also goes for the women stop hiking up your shorts to your chest no one wants to see your legs. my advice just dress comfortable some swim trucks, basketball shorts, jeans these are all good are appropriate and for shirts stray away from things with buttons.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lesson 4

Lesson 4
When you are out in public DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE WEATHER EVERY 5 MINS. When you walking through a market place, theme park, beach or anywhere it just SCREAMS HEY LOOK AT ME I AM NOT USED TO THIS CLIMATE. Yes we know it hot but we don't need to hear it from you just calm down and relax and enjoy the sunshine. oh and fyi the more you complain the worse the weather is gonna be.

Lesson 3

Lesson 3
While you family is in a theme park beach or high traffic area no matter what circumstance NEVER PUT YOUR CHILD ON A LEASH. first of all it points out the tourist who are to involved looking at all the sights to properly watch their child and secondly people will stare and laugh and when your child is raised like a dog don't be surprised when in 20 years he bites some random guy on the street.Easy solutions to watch your child (put him/her on your shoulders,hold their hand stroller, very bright colored shirt. its not rocket science please stop with he leashes.

Lesson 2

Stop wearing socks with your sandals more then likely is the stupidest style ever but everything about it screams tourist. Honestly sandals should be avoided all together picking a comfortable pair of tennis shoes or skate shoes You really help with the illusion of not being a tourist.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hi their world first a little back story on why i made this blog. First of all i live in a very traffic tourist area and once you live in that area for a long time you learn how to spot the tourist from a mile away. Now we know that visiting places is fun but looking like a tourist gets you nothing but laughed at, discriminated against and sometime people will over charge you for things at a certain shops around town. Now that is where i come in read this and you will no longer look like a tourist now for 

And more then likely the most important lesson NEVER EVER WEAR A FANNY PACK first of all its really stupid and second of all whats really in their that you cannot fin in your pocket Camera (Fits in pockets) Money (fits in pockets) Cigarettes (Fits in pockets) and the list goes on really all you should need to carry on you is a wallet, camera, and shopping bags or diaper bags that is it you should need nothing else while on vacations.

i will be back tomorrow with another tip that keeps you from looking like a tourist