Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hi their world first a little back story on why i made this blog. First of all i live in a very traffic tourist area and once you live in that area for a long time you learn how to spot the tourist from a mile away. Now we know that visiting places is fun but looking like a tourist gets you nothing but laughed at, discriminated against and sometime people will over charge you for things at a certain shops around town. Now that is where i come in read this and you will no longer look like a tourist now for 

And more then likely the most important lesson NEVER EVER WEAR A FANNY PACK first of all its really stupid and second of all whats really in their that you cannot fin in your pocket Camera (Fits in pockets) Money (fits in pockets) Cigarettes (Fits in pockets) and the list goes on really all you should need to carry on you is a wallet, camera, and shopping bags or diaper bags that is it you should need nothing else while on vacations.

i will be back tomorrow with another tip that keeps you from looking like a tourist