Monday, October 25, 2010

What not to do on a Airplane

I know this does not have much to do with not being a tourist but this got on my nerves while i was traveling

1. While checking bags do not complain about the price/Weight restrictions it just makes every one around want to jump out of the Longest line in the world and just shiv you (prison style)

2.When seeing family members off do not crowd the entrance to the airport i know their are multiple ones but this is just annoying take 3 steps to the left and then say your good byes

3. While going through security lines do not sigh and complain about how long the line is and your going to miss your flight WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME LINE WE KNOW IT IS LONG.

4. While sill in said security line be PREPARED to take off shoes belt. etc etc do not wait for the last minute and try to disrobe at the speed of light it does not work that way.

Thats just a little part more to come later


  1. Number 2 i always see no matter where i fly. I understand but god damn is it not annoying.

  2. I love the ability to fly across the country in fraction the time as an automobile and these are quite annoying points you have made. :D

  3. I still think number 4 is dumb. Blame the US.

  4. I used to work in an airport, and had to take off my belt, shoes, everythign every single morning, and it was the WORST being stuck behind that guy that just cannot stand to have his sacred privacy so violated as to take off his shoes

  5. Yeah I have the same pet peeves.

  6. yep, theyre always right in the middle of the walkways saying their goodbyes.